Harry N. Abrams / 4-8 years

Harry N. Abrams / 4-8 years

Totally Tardy Marty

Totally Tardy Marty just can’t seem to get to school on time. Not when there are so many better things to do in the mornings, like invent Toast-on-a-Rope, fight a giant squid in the laundry, or follow some ants up a tree. And so he’s tardy every day, much to the smug delight of Never-Late Kate, who thinks she’s sooo great. But then, when both kids end up in a jam (or rather, a tree), they have a surprisingly good time... so much so that they both lose track of time. An unlikely friendship is born, through which Marty learns a trick or two for punctuality, and Kate discovers the virtues of stopping to smell the roses. 


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