Hi, I'm Erica.


I am the author of picture books, novels, plays, and waaaaay too many emails. Many nice things have happened to my books. They've received awards and great reviews. They've landed on state book award lists in states including FL, MN, VA, MA, RI and my home state of VT (I grew up in Burlington, though I now live in Washington, DC). Yay, kids! Thanks, librarians! 

I visit schools, libraries, conferences, and festivals to talk about my work as well as finding inspiration, the creative process, revision techniques, and much more. My all-day visits consistently earn rave reviews from kids and educators alike. This may be because I have a theater background (as well as a law degree, and experience driving an ice cream truck). Also, I am extremely energetic -- getting kids excited about reading and writing is one of the ways I work out! 

I offer a limited number of free Skype visits, so let me know if you'd like to get on my calendar.

Talk to you soon!