The following video gallery includes some of my book trailers, interviews, readalouds, and teacher-created pieces.

Hope you enjoy them!



This is the book trailer I made for THE CAPYBARA CONSPIRACY, which is both a middle grade novel AND a play. It includes footage of some of my big, hairy friends. Oh, and it has capybaras, too!





Ferocious Fluffity book trailer

This is the book trailer I made for Henry Cole and my picture book about a "mighty bite-y" class hamster named Fluffity (aka FEROCIOUS FLUFFITY).


When life gives you oj book trailer

This is the book trailer I made for my middle grade novel, When Life Gives You O.J. It is the story of a girl named Zelly, her eccentric grandpa, Ace, and his ill-advised plan to help Zelly get a dog. In this book trailer, you'll learn why and how YOU should try training a "practice pet" like Zelly does in the book.


goatilocks book trailer

This is the book trailer I made - with some help from my kids (get it?) and their friends - about Arthur Howard and my picture book, GOATILOCKS. All I can say is, in this video you'll see kids devouring this book... literally.



This is the book trailer for VINTAGE VERONICA, my Young Adult novel. It is also the first book trailer I ever made, which is why it took about a zillion hours and taught me everything I now know about making videos for my books! 



This video was sent to me by the fabulous team of students and teachers at Mid-Del Schools in Oklahoma. First-grader Nathan and his P.E. teacher, Mr. Freer, both of Parkview Elementary, are the stars of the show. I love this video SO much and I am proud to showcase it on my website!



This is the book trailer I made for Chicken Butt's Back!, which is the sequel to Chicken Butt! by me and Henry Cole. No chickens were harmed in making this movie. Cluck!


No Butts About it: We Love to Read!

This is a video that Ayun Halliday (Always Lots of Heinies at the Zoo) and I made, along with friends ranging from Jon Scieszka to my Great Uncle Maxwell Postow. It is, essentially, a spoken-word rap about reading. Special guest appearance by Betsy Bird as "The Librarian."


Dotty read-aloud excerpt

This is a video the awesome folks at WETA's Reading Rockets made of me reading from my picture book, Dotty. They have LOTS more author videos - not just of me, but of practically every author you can think of - at their website, so check 'em out!



This is an excerpt from an interview the Fairfax Network made with me at their Meet the Author studio. They do fabulous author interviews that they broadcast throughout Virginia.


Working with kids on collaborative writing

This is a segment from WETA's Reading Rocket series about Raising Writers. I visited Shana Sterkin's third grade class for a lively afternoon of collaborative story writing.


About Erica's Skype Visits

I visit a lot of classrooms in person, and many more via Skype and other video conferencing services. Missouri teacher Eric Carlson created this great video to share ways in which my Skype visit had an impact on his class.