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When Steve Met Harry

And, no, I’m not talking about the new Adam Sandler movie.

Here's Stephen Colbert channeling his inner twelve year old (like so many of us) instead of introducing his show:

Yes, that’s what I’m talking about, folks. If you want your kids to read, you need to show them that you’re a reader, too. So set a good example like Colbert, OK? Crack open that new book you’ve been dying to read - Harry Potter or otherwise - and let your kids fend for themselves for a few days. Just not near bodies of water (that includes swimming pools, tubs, and, heck, even sinks) or while driving them to camp.

This has been a public service announcement from Stephen Colbert and me.


Donny's... I mean, ERICA's ALA Antics

Want to know what I did at the American Library Association annual conference and what it has to do with Donny Osmond dressed as Joseph?

Go to Pajamazon and see for yourself!


Build Me Up, Buttercup

To read about my dinner with David Macauley (okay, and a few other people... though we did sit at the same table!) at the National Building Museum, go to Pajamazon.

Right now, no dawdling.

Thank you!


Librarians Rock!

Please visit me at Pajamazon! to see my tribute to librarians that rock (in more ways than one).

And please tell your favorite librarian (or teacher or media specialist) to come visit me in person at the American Library Association's Annual Conference in Washington, DC.

At the ALA conference, I will be signing books at the Abrams booth (#1700) on Saturday, June 23 from 9:00 - 10:00 a.m. I'll also have free classroom and activity guides, bookmarks and a squirrel on my head (see photo, previous post).

Rock on!


Attention ALA Early Birds!

As you may have read on Pajamazon:

This coming Saturday (June 23, 2007) I will be attending the American Library Association's Annual Conference in Washington, DC and I will be signing books at the ABRAMS booth (”A-brams, beautiful A-brams, wonderful A-brams, I love you SO!” See? It does work to the Star Wars theme!), which is # 1700, from 9:00 - 10:00 a.m. If you happen to swing by Starbucks first, I prefer dark roast coffee, milk, no sugar. Kidding! I mean, yes, that is my brew of choice, but I will be fully caffeinated so just bring yourself.

If you are coming to the conference it is is worth arriving early, not just because you’ll get to pick up one of my books and have me personally sign it. There’s all sorts of good swag available and the best stuff goes fast (I’m particularly fond of my TIME FOR NEW UNDERPANTS tote bag from last year’s BEA). In addition to books, I will have copies of the excellent NINETY-THREE IN MY FAMILY classroom and storytime activity guide (a big hit with librarians and teachers, I’ll have you know) and some really cute new bookmarks if the printer fulfills its promises. Good printer, nice printer.

So come on by and say hi! I won’t bite and neither will the squirrel on my head. He is a stuffie, as my kids would be quick to inform you, so he’s safe.