Harry N. Abrams / Ages 3 and up

Harry N. Abrams / Ages 3 and up

Chicken Butt's Back

That's right.... Chicken Butt's Back!

In this cheeky (sorry!) sequel to the wildly fun Chicken Butt!, the young jokester and his chicken muse are back, but this time they're trying to trick Mom. She thinks she has caught on to the gag, but as she distractedly does the grocery shopping, she falls victim to a flurry of jokes using homonyms and homophones—words such as "dear" and "deer," and "which" and "witch." Wordplay has never been so much fun. 

Like Chicken Butt!, this story encourages children to participate in a call-and-response reading format that reinforces their reading skills.


Reviews of Chicken Butt's Back!

School Library Journal 
Fans of Chicken Butt! are going to love this sequel. Mom, whose face clearly shows she’s heard enough, tries to resist any overtures or invitations to engage in butt-talk. She’s savvy, but not savvy enough and quickly gets drawn into every word trap laid by her irrepressible son–and by Chicken–as they shop in a grocery store. Homonyms and homophones take center stage as “dear”/“deer,” “which”/“witch,” and “bare”/“bear” get attention, and Mom falls for the all-time biggest trap by asking, “Who’s eating under where?” Kids are going to love the spread of the chicken holding pairs of underwear with bites taken out of them. This is the kind of book that siblings will beg to read to each other, especially since it’s set up for two voices.  –Maggie Chase, Boise State University, ID